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Privacy Policy

Paktaza.com believes in strict privacy policy for its users. We do not give any user’s information to any company, party or person. We strictly abide by the rules of privacy for our users.
We may collect our user’s information in our database through the comments section on every post and contact us page.

The comment section contains the fields like; name, email, website, and comment. Here apart from comment itself everything else like; name, email, and website are considered by us as a personal information of the users.

We just publish the name of the users and the comment. Here one thing is very important that we do not publish users’ personal information.
On the comments section and as well as on the contact us page we have explicitly mentioned that users should not leave the comment or send us a message unless they are willing to share their personal information which is mandatory to fill in before sending us anything.
In any circumstances or in the event of the sale to the site, the user’s data is non-transferable to any other.